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''What does it take for someone to move from a position of hate and racism to a position of tolerance and respect like the transformation that occurred in Derek?'' 

Today we're going to talk about the movie ''American History X''  that tells about two brother's called Derek and Danny that both had skinheads and neo-nazism influence. One of these brothers, more specifically Derek, go to the jail for three years because he murder two black guys that were trying to revenge the basketball match that they lost for their friends and him. After he left the prison he tries to prevent his brother to don't go to the same path that he passes, because he see that it wasn't this way that he can revenge something in his life.

One of the factors is well described in the movie were racism with the disrespect that we can clearly watch on the basketball game where friends of Derek spoke such the area was not welcome to the african descendants.
I think with the experiences that Derek had in prison, he feelt that he didnt need to do what he did to revenge the death of his father. Since he after an interaction with a person of another race and by coincidence one african along his years on prison, he established a friendship with an african who showed himself that don't have a superior race in the world, like the concept of ''Master Race'' of Adolf Hitler
The changing of the racism to a neutral way of think it only could change only when the person suffer the same actions that he was done to an another. but sometimes we need to think that the person only had the racism because he was influenced.

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