terça-feira, 12 de março de 2013

Why Student's Hate School and What I'm Going to do About it?

In my point of view, nowadays students hate school because they’re think that this way of thinking it's not proportional for the twentieth century with a lot of technological tolls that we can use to the classes get more interesting, or basically the school system, but of course that this way of thinking effect only the student’s and not their parent’s and the hole school, like teacher’s and principal’s.

One of the ways that I mention to change this stage of hating school is to introduce more interactive classes with technological tolls like tablets, that some schools already have been using but I think this it’s not the best way of making this interesting because with the so many varieties that the tablets have, some student’s probably could use it with a wrong way, but always have another chance like using touch table’s with the main subject to make more interaction classes.
The other hand we have the idea of the school system, we all know that everyone like your father or even your grandfather have been using the same system of taught, but one school of Sweden, called Telefonplan School, designed the school to encourage both independent and collaborative work such as group projects and with different furniture’s and different rooms that students can use with your own desire.
With that way of studying could be more interesting to the students gets more focus and to be prepared to their life’s with the independent works’ that they give. I think the only thing that I can do to the student’s not hate school its support the idea of the school system or to the more technological interaction system.

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