domingo, 25 de novembro de 2012

                              "What does the re-election of President Barack Obama mean for me and the world?"

The re-election of Obama in 2012 was an very impressive event for me because during the counting of the results i was very impressed that Romney was winning. But sadly i didn't see all the counting, when i was in school i had an notice that Obama won the election, i think that he deserves to win because of his history and his knowledge of speching and his desmonstration of responsibility that he have.
The notice of the re-elecion of Obama should have been seen with good intentions for all countries of the world. Since with a prudent president, the others countries may have more tranquility of not having a big war.
Although he won with a little difference of votes, the americans shows that  prefers one man who shows confidence about his choices, but the most important thing that he have is the respect with all types of countries.

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